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The god Project


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Mar 2013

Built With:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Twitter Api
  • Masonry.js
  • Raphael.js
The god Project was a satirical website that tracked the proliferation of thanks given to God - in the form of a tweet. The website leveraged a custom service API algorithm that scraped Twitter and categorized what people thanked God for and how frequently. The application aggregated the latest tweets and Flickr photos about daily mentions of God. Anytime someone thanked God for something, our site tracked where, when, and why. #ThankGodForTwitter

The god Tracker

JavaScript, HTML Canvas, and SVG's (RaphaelJS) were used to animate the page which was driven by real-time Twitter data that tracked whenever "God" was mentioned

Where is God?

Tracking in real-time based on geolocation data of the user making mention of the almighty

Keeping tab on the important things...