R&D: XR Future Retail


Code & Theory


  • Creative Technologist

Project Type:

R&D: Spatial Computing


Aug 2019

Built With:

  • Unity
  • C#
  • iOS
  • Vuforia AR
Being the innovative group that Code and Theory is, we were curious to see what a retail experience in augmented reality could look like. More importantly, we wanted to understand what shopping in an augmented reality retail environment would feel like. Our experiments took us down a few different paths. We designed and built an AR in-store retail experience, an AR pop-up retail experience, and some AR outdoor media executions. At the time, “portal” experiences were all the rage, so we created a portal shop experience. The R&D team consisted of designers, engineers, and producers - the technical and strategic insights gathered were invaluable for everyone involved. The projects ran prior to the Oculus Quest release, so all of the experiments were built on screen-based devices, knowing the potential to scale the experience in the future.

AR Portal - Retail Experience

Exploration of an AR shopping experience that leveraged an AR portal space where a user could walk around and interact with the virtual store

Mobile AR Experience

At the time, mobile devices were the best medium available to tangibly prototype an AR shopping experience

AR Interface & Usability

Experimented with proximial subject and touch interactions using existing mobile interaction paradigms

Spatial Markers

Funtionally designed markers were created to aesthetically integrate into retail spaces while acting as a trigger for the AR experience

R&D Production

The Augmented Reality application was built with Unity and Vuforia. Creative assets were made in-house by 3D artists.