• Creative Developer

Project Type:

Web app - Retail


Dec 2017

Built With:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Three.js
  • GLSL
  • Firebase
MCM Patricia was a bag configurator application created for a traveling MCM pop-up store event at the ISETAN Shopping Center in Shinjuku, Japan. Customers used the web application to create a personalized bag in real time and an option to order it at the end of the pop-up store experience. For this project, I collaborated in parallel with a talented team made up of a great 3D Artist, superstar Visual Designer, and rockstar Web Engineer. Our team developed and optimized the application to run in a modified browser application on an iPad Pro. I built the 3D layer of the bag configurator component using THREE.JS and GLSL shaders.

MCM Patricia Configurator

In-store Bag Configuration Experience

Customers went through a linear process to visualize, customize, and play with the bags before placing their orders at the pop-up store

Real-time Personalization

Real-time normal mapping process implemented to generate an ingrained leather effect for the tags personalization effect

MCM Brand Details

To meet the brand's standards, we meticulously scrutinized the fidelity of the leather grain pattens and color accuracy