Wrigley's - 5 Gum

Life Happens in 5




  • Creative Developer

Project Type:



Oct 2014

Built With:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Pixi.js
  • PHP
Wrigley's 5Gum "Life Happens in 5" website aggregates content from social media influencers. The project was a fast-paced collaboration between an Art Director, Front-End Developer, a Back-End Developer, and a Creative Developer.


Prototyping - 5 Logo Study

We turned a static image of the logo and added a dimension through a WebGL. Using this rig gave us an opportunity to iterate and play with styling and effects that would be used for the microsite

Glitch Transition Effects

Prototyped a glitch effect rig using PixiJS and HTML Canvas draw calls and used an effect composer to add some out of box shader effects. Motion and erratic behavior of the offset image pieces were added generatively