• Creative Technologist

Project Type:

IoT + Wearable


Dec 2015

Built With:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Cordova
  • Bluetooth
  • MuscleSpiker Shield
With all the buzz around wearables, connected devices, and the Internet of Things, we felt that it was only proper to bring to the world Jölly, a device that tracks your happiness - sort of. To put it short, Jölly put a smile on many people's faces. Jölly was a functioning satirical rendition of a connected device for the world of IoT but in beard form. The device leveraged an Arduino microcontroller, a Bluetooth chip, a TENS device, and a custom-built Android App. An Arduino-based electromyograph device in the beard measured a user's smile threshold. If the user was not smiling, the device was programmed to deliver a slight jolt to the face to turn that frown upside down. Users could see how intensely they were smiling through a Bluetooth-connected Android application interface, and if their smile did not pass the happiness threshold... ZAP!

Holiday Microsite & Video

Jölly Beard

The device was created using Arduino, a Bluetooth chip, a TENS device, and a custom-built Android App

Android Mobile Interface

The beard's EMG signals were sent to an Android application that would display and control the experience in the user's hand

Hacky Holidays 2015