Do Us a Flavor


Energy BBDO


  • Creative Technologist

Project Type:

Microsite (Facebook App)


Jun 2012

Built With:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
Lay's Do Us a Flavor was a campaign that sought to find the next big flavor for the iconic chip brand. The brand leveraged the Facebook platform to reach a mass user base to crowdsource potential flavors that anyone could dream up - and people indeed dreamed up all sorts of creative and hilarious flavors in expressive and sometimes inappropriate ways. As a Creative Technologist, I worked as a technical partner throughout conceptualization and design. My tasks included helping with tactical validation, concept ideation, and design processes. I worked directly with Visual Designers, Producers, Strategists, UX Designers, and vendors. Part of my responsibilities were to prototype potential features and modularly test parts of the application.

Lay's DUAF Microsite

Lay's offered $1 million dollars as a prize to the winner person who came up with the next flavor of Lay's Potato Chips. User engagement was so intense that it crushed the servers and the application had to be taken down for short period

DUAF Mobile Experience

Customized 'Likes' acted as a New Voting Mechanism for Facebook

Flavor Generator

Users selected their ingredients and wrote a short description about the flavor they came up with

Social Media Delivered...

The entries were absolutely legendary, creative, funny, crude, and sometimes colorful